Ashwagandha High

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I hope that is true. Anyway all adaptations are pretty good some are stimulant like ginseng and some are more relaxing like ashwagandha I would recommend trying them out but be patient with them. There not like a drug thats gonna get you high. Relora would have to be the best one that works for me..The first issue, having a high dose extract, is only really a problem for people who do not pay attention to dosage. The ashwagandha itself does not have that many issues with toxicity, but the active ingre.nt called Withaferin A can cause toxicity when it is provided at too high of a concentrated dose. This can be an issue .Welcome to r/Nootropics, a reddit devoted to discussing nootropics and cognitive enhancers. High RiskAshwagandha high/mega dose self.Nootropics Ashwagandha doesn 't help me much but I have a bunch of it and I was thinking of trying to megadose it to see if it 's relaxing or good .