Ash Vs Evil Dead The Morgue

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Are we having fun yet? Good grief. After last week 's humbling homecoming from the village idiots of Elk Grove, Michigan, Ash and the Ghost Beaters feat. Ruby "Bigfoot" Knowby get back to business in the franchise 's foulest chapter to date. Screenwriter Cameron Welsh makes his series debut behind the .Action Pablo 's grasp on reality is tested when Ruby reveals the Necronomicon has gifted him premonitions. Meanwhile, Ash and Kelly discover Brock 's date might not be the warm body he 's banking on..Esta serie ja era fenomenal. Depois disto, e simplesmente EPICA!!! - This was already an awesome series .While most shows would keep a scene like this held off until later in the season, Ash vs. Evil Dead followed up its blood-soaked Season 2 premiere with Ash and Kelly heading to the town morgue to get the Necronomicon out of the dead body that Ruby hid it in. Any scene on this show set in a morgue is obviously going to .