Arm Hurts When I Sneeze

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Arm Pain After Sneezing Strangely enough, arm pain and sneezing can be linked to each other. Different people experience different types of pain when this happens; some feel pain and loss of sensitivity in their elbow and some have a pain that arcs across..

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    Medical experts say that arm pain, experienced after or during sneezing, is caused by a trapped nerve in the back, arm or neck. This pain can also possibly be caused by vertebrae dislocation and other problems of the spine. Sneezing can cause an increase in the pressure placed on the displaced vertebrae, affecting the nerves in the arm too, .

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    21 year old here about 6'0 tall and 220 lbs. i have just recently got sick and when i sneeze it hurts sooooo bad . The pain starts at my neck and i can feel it traveling through my arms to my elbows and then fingertips. Even when the pain goes away i have a tingle feeling in my arms/shoulders/neck for a good 3 minutes ..

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    Left arm hurts after sneezing - Hi I get pain in my upper arms when I sneeze it was mostly in my left arm one year ago but now it can hurt in my right arm to.? Can't .

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    "The most likely cause of your left arm hurting after you sneeze is a bulging disc in the lower part of your neck..