Aishiteru Vs Daisuki

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I 'm a little bit confused between daisuki and aishiteru. I tried to read some posts, but instead of getting a clearer view, it made me confused more because each has different explanation. Here are my questions: 1 If you want to tell a japanese bf/gf that you love him/her, what will you use? daisuki or .For the last two I used this answer as source: Love in the air: { vs } you shoudl check it out for a deeper insight on the matter. Edit: For the case you mentioned, in my opnion it would mean that they love each other as friends in a true and ever lasting way, they way I see aishiteru would .A small footnote to what samanthalee and Mugi have mentioned about suki vs. daisuki; They both mean "to like" when the referent is a non-human subject but, when applied to humans, suki has more romantic connotations than daisuki. For instance, X X-nokoto sukinandesho?.