Adderall Changed My Life

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ADHD Meds Gave Me a Whole New Life. "I thought my ADHD was under control, but after trying Adderall to battle my afternoon sleepiness, I realized how much I was missing.". After taking Adderall, I didn't hit my bed at 4 p.m.."For me Adderall has changed my life remarkably for the good; without Adderall I wouldn 't be able to work 40 hours a week like I do as well as going to school full-time. Yes it may be a amphetamine and produce similar euphoric highs to meth and MDMA, however it is far different as far as when it is broken down chemically..All the effects ADHD had on my life, got me somewhat depressed because I tried my hardest and it still wasn 't good enough. Needless to say, my depression has since vanished. I have made many new goals to make myself a better person. One of them is to become healthier, which has been going quite .When I first started taking Adderall, my life changed almost immediately. I finally figured out how easy it is to fold my laundry right after washing it, instead of leaving it in "clean" piles on the floor for weeks. I finally learned how to be on time instead of consistently 12 minutes late. I became quieter, more .