Adderall And Molly

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Now this is great and i love the effects of molly, however, i find that when im taking molly at a rave or a party i am still rolling, however i lose my energy as the evening goes on i had an idea to try and take some adderall right as i roll to maybe add some speedy effects and give me more energy to be alert .Edit: I am asking because I took an addy this morning, and will be taking Molly at tonight. Not taking adderall and Molly at the SAME time. Edit 2: And why exactly is it bad to take both at the same time?.Perhaps if it is pure molly then a little Adderall might not be a bad idea. It just depends on what You is looking for. Swim prefers molly straight up as it is more relaxing makes him sweat like hell without any speed in it . When I want to dance or party, Adderall alone is great as it can be combined with alcohol .Just the oppoAdderall 's Dopaminergic properties actually inhibit MDMA 's effects. Furthermore: "Quoted from Dr. Julie Holland*: BTW, "MDMA" and "Ecstasy" are by no means necessarily the same thing at all e.g., "The slang name "molly" is traditionally used to refer to pure MDMA. However, other chemicals such as .