Adderall And Acid

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I apologize for this long-winded explanation, but I 'd really appreciate any advice on this. So i 've dropped acid three times, each time .My friend and I are dropping some acid today for the first time we did a mild dose of shrooms about a year ago, and I had a couple run-ins with foxy methoxy in my E which got me a little trippy a couple months back . But I 've recently come into possession of 5mg Adderall XR, I 've got 6 left still 30mg of .I guess Im looking for experience? Does Adderall effect the trip in any noticeable ways? I 've read that at low doses it can improve clarity .They definitely do not cancel each other at all. There is most certainly a synergistic effect with this combination. In my opinion, however, this combo is overkill. LSD is stimulating enough and produces a head-space that is, for the most part, l .