Acne Burning

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Please I am desperate!!!! I have had this for 2 years already. I get these small red pimples around my nose and in my chin that burns don 't know what to do. The doctors think is rosecea but I have been using metrogel and it doesn 't seem to work if I put cortisone I get more of those small little pimples. I hate to have the .Virus, Bacteria, Pure Colloidal Silver Support Forum, Acne My acne or whatever it is is unlike anything I have ever read about on any forum. My skin is broken out with pustules all throughout my face but most prominently around my nose, mouth and chin..Vigorous scrubbing can irritate the skin, aggravate inflammation, and tear the tops off pimples. A good indicator that you 're scrubbing too hard: your skin looks really red or burns and stings afterward. Some exfoliation is needed if you want clearer skin. Regular exfoliation helps keep your pores clear of gunk and makes your .All Your Burning Acne Questions, Answered. Don 't you wish you could have a dermatologist on call 24/7 to respond to all of your acne emergencies? Since we couldn 't arrange that, we did the next best thing: Host a live Twitter chat with the acne experts at DDF. The derm-founded skincare line offers clinical-grade products .