A Manufacturers Total Cost Of Making And Finishing Products In The Period Is Called

These long-term actions are called "strategies", which often involve periods of years. materials used in making the product and the cost of converting the materials into a finished product. This inventory consists of the costs of the direct and indirect materials that have not entered the manufacturing process.. costs for products that have entered the manufacturing process but are not yet completed is known as materials inventory. finished goods inventory. work in process inventory. None of these choices are correct. work in process inventory. The total cost of making products that are available for sale during the period is called.1. an integral part of the finished product 2. a significant portion of the total cost of the product. Factory overhead cost. Costs other than direct labor costs and direct manufacturing cost that are incurred in the manufacturing process combined. Also known as manufacturing overhead and factory burden. *INDIRECT COSTS*.Which of the following costs is not included in factory overhead? Direct materials. Which of the following should not be included in direct materials costs? Delivery charges on shipments to customers. A manufacturer 's total cost of making and finishing products in the period is called: Cost of goods manufactured..